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In December 2015 our family could not have been caught more off guard when our pediatrician told us that we needed to be admitted to the Children's Hospital that night.  How could this have happened? My husband is a physician, how did he miss the signs?  The truth is, the symptoms that lead to a Type 1 diagnosis are so benign that they could go un-noticed.  Sure, Maya had been drinking a lot of water and needing to use the restroom, but none of us had thought anything of it. Well, nothing really prepares you for something like this, you wish with everything you have that somehow it could be you instead of your 5 year old.

Looking back, those three days we spent at the hospital are a blur in my memory, we have no photos, no war wounds to share, just stories and a life long diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

It took our family three months to recover from the Diagnosis and hours of research on the internet.  We have many resources to thank for the place our family is in today.

We still have good days and bad days, but Maya has shown us and her school community that she is a fighter.  I have so much respect for families who have gone through this journey, it is truly unique and in saying that I am grateful for each and everyone we have come across in this journey.

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My family has helped me get though this with their optimism, ideas, support, and love.  They are my Diabetes Management Team.



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