There are so many things that people ask me when I tell them I have Type 1 Diabetes, here I share what I tell them.

Does it hurt when you get a shot?

Yes, it does!  I never really look forward to getting a shot, but after a year of getting them I have learned to hold my breath, be brave for a quick second and then it is done.  I don't let the fact that I have to get the shots interfere with my day.

Do you like to talk about having Type 1 Diabetes?

I do! I have learned about Diabetes from YouTube and from talking to other kids who have Type 1.  If talking helps me, I am sure it helps others, feel free to ask me anything.

How do you deal with your diagnosis at school?

I have a great support system, my teachers, the school nurse, and my friends are all concerned about my well being and support me.  I have shared books with my class about diabetes and even let my peers watch me get a shot!